December 4, 2023

Can I change a conservatory glass roof to insulated panels?

Replacing a conservatory’s glass roof with insulated panels can transform the space into a more energy-efficient and comfortable room suitable for year-round use. However, this should not be a DIY project but rather the work of a qualified professional installer.

When removing the existing glass and installing new panels on any roof, strict safety precautions need to be followed at all times. Proper harnesses, anchors, barricades around the work area, head protection, and other safety gear should be used to prevent falls and injuries. The remaining roof structure must also be properly reinforced and supported throughout the replacement process.

This is the reason why Panel X insists that only one of their independent, certified partners install their insulated conservatory roof panels. Their installers are extensively trained and experienced with safely replacing glass and polycarbonate panes with Panel X’s lightweight insulated panels. The installers have expertise in properly measuring and cutting the panels for each unique conservatory roof shape and size.

By relying on a professional Panel X-certified installer instead of attempting a DIY roof panel replacement, homeowners can feel confident the project will be completed safely while also transforming their conservatory into a more comfortable and usable space. The installers follow rigorous safety protocols on every job. In the end, the homeowner benefits from an energy-efficient conservatory roof that looks great and can be enjoyed year-round. So when considering replacing your conservatory glass roof with insulated panels, leave this challenging job to the properly trained experts.