September 13, 2023

Free Standing AC Units for Glass Conservatories

Glass-roofed conservatories allow beautiful natural light into the home but can get uncomfortably hot in the summer. A great way to control the temperature is with Panel X’s insulated roof panels. However, if you are committed to your glass roof, then free-standing or portable air conditioning units provide a flexible cooling option.

  • Benefits of a Portable AC Unit –
  • Cools conservatory air quickly. Portable AC units can lower the temperature in a conservatory by up to 20°C.
  • Easy to install. Free-standing units require no permanent fittings – just a window for the exhaust hose.
  • Energy efficient. Newer models use inverter technology to save energy. Look for an A++ energy rating.
  • Controllable. Set your desired temperature and adjust fan speeds as needed.
  • Makes no noise outside. The compressor is contained entirely indoors.
  • Mobile. Roll your AC unit between rooms or take it with you if you move house.
  • Choosing the Right AC Unit –
  • Size appropriately. Check the room dimensions against the AC BTUs/hour to pick an adequate cooling capacity.
  • Focus on energy ratings. Opt for the highest energy rating within your budget.
  • Check the noise levels. Condensation pumps and fans add noise – look for a ‘silent’ setting.
  • Include a timer. Useful for only running the AC at certain times of day and saving energy.
  • Look for oscillation. This helps spread the cool air more effectively through the room.
  • Seek additional features. Some units offer humidification, air purification, and more.
  • Positioning Your Portable AC –
  • Near an exterior vent. Install the exhaust hose in a window as far from the unit as possible.
  • Elevated if possible. Raise the unit on a plant stand to better circulate air.
  • Away from sunshine. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight, which reduces efficiency.
  • Near an interior door. Allow cooled air to flow into the rest of the home if desired.
  • Tips for Maximising Efficiency –
  • Use a thermal blind. Lower the blinds on very hot days to keep the heat out.
  • Only cool occupied rooms. Turn the AC off in empty spaces.
  • Keep filters clean. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning the filters.
  • Drain condensation regularly. Empty the tank to avoid overflow.
  • Keep doors/windows closed. Don’t allow cooled air to escape outside.
  • Use eco modes. Limit energy use by optimising fan speeds and compressor.
  • Direct airflow. Adjust vents to concentrate cool air where you need it most.
  • Supplement with fans. Use ceiling or pedestal fans to improve air circulation.
  • Maintain your unit. Schedule an annual service to keep it running efficiently.
  • Turn it off when not needed. Don’t leave it running overnight or when you go out.

With the right free-standing AC unit and smart usage, you can make a conservatory comfortable even at the height of summer. Stay cool while still enjoying those sunny garden views.